About Trust My Pet Service

Angela and Shamus (parents to 2 children + 3 dogs + 1 cat) spent a long time trying to find a solution for their German Shepherd Wolfie who was suffering from an irritating ear itch. After going back and forth to the vet and trying more than a few treatments their last option was to change his food. So after a much testing and itching they found the solution for Wolfie was raw food and what a difference it made to him. No more itching and steep vet bills. He was a happier doggo all round!

Then they thought there must be many pet parents just like them with no obvious or clear route to ask others in the same situation. They visited Facebook and other forums, but found the feed back was sporadic and widely differing in opinion. Faced with this and manufacturer claims they realised there must be a better way of doing this. They needed real and trusted information. That’s why they created Trust My Pet Service.

Trust My Pet Service is a global marketplace where Pet Parents can find trusted Pet Businesses. With the growth in online Pet Service Businesses and no easy way to find them TMPS has brought them all into one online market. From a salamander cage to an Springer Spaniel lead and collar they’ve got everything you need.